perrin_andrew_UNC_small.jpg Andrew J. Perrin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
CB#3210, 269 Hamilton Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3210 - (919) 962-6876 - fax (919) 962-7568

Candidate for Faculty Athletics Committee, 2012

As we sing enthusiastically after each game, I believe UNC is a "priceless gem" whose core missions of creating and communicating knowledge are of paramount importance. I am a Tar Heel fan, having developed my love of college sports after coming to Chapel Hill nearly 12 years ago. My 7 and 11 year old boys, wife, and I cheered loud enough during the recent UNC-Duke game that they probably heard us at Cameron. Intercollegiate athletics--both Olympic and "revenue"--can and should play a part in the overall life of the University, its faculty, staff, and students, and does so best when it complements intellectual goals. But when it does not, whether for reasons of finances, conflicts of interest, distractions, or conflicting administrative priorities, the academic missions must always come first. I am proud to help draft the recent statement of principles from 112 faculty outlining ways Carolina can be a national leader in the honorable pursuit of intercollegiate athletics (see

I have served on Faculty Council for two terms as well as on the Agenda Committee. I also served two terms on the Educational Policy Committee (2006-2012), including two years as Chair (2008-2010). I am currently a member of the Honor Court review committee appointed by Faculty Chair Jan Boxill. In all these roles I have sought to preserve and extend the intellectual quality of the University, including leading difficult efforts such as grading reform and the Honor Court review. I would be honored to serve UNC's Faculty Athletics Committee with these same skills, sensibilities, and loyalty to and passion for the University.